Look PERFECT with Flick: Delhi's Best Salon for Children

Started by two moms, Flick is Delhi’s first specialty salon just for kids. They offer a range of services and kid-friendly products.

Co-founders Deepika Khaitan and Sanjana Nath started the salon to create a comfortable, stress-free space for parents to bring their kids. Of highest importance at Flick is a high standard of quality and hygiene, and a well-trained staff equipped to care for children.

Flick caters to children up to the age of 12, and offers a variety of services. These services include regular hair grooming and cutting, special ‘first haircut’ ceremonies and even some spa services. They also offer a selection of shampoos, lotions, body butter, and soaps made just for kids.

Taking your child to get a haircut can be uncomfortable {for them} and tedious {for you}. With specialised low seats, colourful interiors and a bunch of appealing activities, Flick creates an environment your child will want to keep coming back to. There are also pedicure and manicure services available for parents while they wait for their children.


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