How you raise your Kids can change the World

Change the world with how you raise your kids. These simple, easy and classy ways will raise your kids into beautiful human beings who will work towards making this world a better place:

1. 'No easy Money': Don't make your kid habitual of any kind of gadgets at an early age. You are doing one of the biggest mistake by buying everything that your kid needs/dont need. It is too early for any kid to know what they exactly need. As Parents if you are too concerned you may end up giving those things which are of no value to them, becuase of which they may not use it and treat it like a waste. 'Expensive' is a word they don't understand and you don't need to make them understand.

2. 'Don't Make them Sit Idle': The worst habit that can ruin there future. Kids have a lot of energy and a developing mind. It is important to make them get busy with all kind of stuff they love. Make sure you don't force them or make them busy in something just for the sake. Try to know and observe what they really like. Every time they are cranky, TV or a Mobile App game/videos are not the solution.

3. 'Ethics Ethics': 'Apologising', 'Confessing for there mistake', Teach your kids to openly hear cricitism, let them cry,let them feel a little sad or bad, even if they have not done a big mitskae, let them take this as a part and parcel of the everyday life saying: 'It happens', 'Move on'. This way you make them strong, little things in future will not affect them and they will learn to ignore what does not matter.

4. 'Alert Mode': Don't serve them everything on bed. Don't make your kids habitual of being served wither by you or by house helpers. Otherwise your kid may develop laziness, Pride, and disrespect towards elders. Make them work a little bit for there food, picking up there toys and keeping up in the basket, handing over the food bowl to you, coming to the kitchen and asking for water. They will grow up to be alert and active individuals.


  • Adonica

    Jun 14, 2017

    Going to put this arlicte to good use now. Protection Status