Nurturing your newborn to nine month old

During this period, infants learn who the important adults are in their lives. Babies begin to develop important routines for eating and sleeping. Routines vary depending on you and your child. It is a much smoother process when you pay attention to babies’ signals and work with them to develop a routine that works for both of you. Responding quickly to a baby’s signals, showing facial expressions, having eye contact, and imitating each other’s sounds all build an important attachment in a relationship.

Infants encounter the world through their senses. It is important to use nurturing touch, soft talking and sounds, and slow movement to increase their sensory capabilities. Babies begin developing movement to eventually be able to walk. Their sounds prepare them to eventually begin forming words.

Most newborn to 3 month old babies:
– respond to facial expressions – cry when uncomfortable, hungry, or tired – providing them with a nurturing response and soothing voice will help
– show fear to sudden movements or loud noises
– require support of their head and neck until they are stronger
– begin lifting their head while lying on their stomach at 1 – 2 months old
– make fists with their hands – make cooing sounds to self or others

Most 3 to 6 month old babies:
– smile at familiar faces
– lift their head and chest when lying on their stomach
– roll from back to side or from back to stomach
– look at an interesting toy and may even reach for it or grip it
– bang, shake, or drop toys
– start making more defined sounds
– may begin eating solid foods (at 4-6 months), check with your health care provider for recommendations
– will begin getting teeth starting with the two front teeth on the bottom. It is a good idea to begin caring for your child’s teeth with a soft, wet cloth and gently wiping them after feeding.

Most 6 to 9 month old babies:
– know the difference between family and strangers
– sit without support
– move forward or backward when on their stomach
– begin to creep forward or even crawl
– drink from a cup with help
– respond to names of objects, including their own name
– begin imitating sounds made by others

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