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My Impression Studio DIY Superior Color Changing Material Senior Baby 3D Hands And Feet Casting Kit with any 3 Color Options

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Wouldn't you love to be able to capture those tiny little hands and feet before they get too big?  

Photos and Videos can't capture the shape in Three-Dimensional in the way a fun and easy Do-It-Yourself Casting Kit can. My Impression Studio offer kits for 3D casting (100% replica) of hands & feet, which captures the wrinkles, lines shape of nails etc. of newborns/infant baby’s hands & feet. Create beautiful hands and feet 3D life-sized Impressions in the comfort of your own home. Now you will never forget just how little your precious child was.

Why choose this Kit?  Because it has been tested by hundreds of mothers and fathers to capture every tiny crease and wrinkle of their precious baby's hands and feet - creating a priceless keepsake. It's fun, safe and simple to do! The number of casts depends on age of baby and size of container you use. This kit is designed for proud parents who want to capture every moment of their growing baby’s infancy or who want to share the milestones of their infant's first year and year after year. The Ultimate Baby Casting Kit allows the flexibility to create 3D castings of baby’s hands & feet, to keep as mementos or give as gifts. Once mounted or framed, the casts will become the most tactile objects you will ever own.

Procedure to Make the Impression: All you need to complete the task is an empty reusable plastic container or similar tub - suitably sized for the hand or foot you are casting (because when you pour in the plaster, you want the molding to stand firmly upright). The smaller the hand the smaller the container should be to conserve material. Gloves are not necessary as the dried ALFINA peels off very easily. All this is explained properly in the tip sheet so it’s very straight forward.

There is enough casting material for the following ages in this kit for Senior:
0-6 months: 7-8 impressions/casts*
7-12 months: 4-5 impressions/casts*
1-4 years: 3-4 impressions/casts*
5-12 years: 2 impressions/casts*
12+ years: 1 hand impression/cast*

* The number of casts may vary depending upon the size of hands and feet of the child. We have mentioned the number of hand casts which can be made with this kit. If you prefer to cast the foot, than the number of casts will depend on the size of the baby's foot.

Key Features: 

Unique and Superior Color Changing Hi-quality material for 1st time in India,


Easy to do,

Quick and No mess,

Wipes off cleanly using ordinary baby wipes or a wet cloth,

The mould is biodegradable and environmentally friendly.

Items included in the pack: 

3 bags of Impression powder (ALFINA),

3 bags of casting stone powder (WHITESTONE), 

3 bottles of paint- White, Metallic Gold, Metallic silver & Metallic Bronze (any 3 colors will be shipped).

1 Paint Brush,

1 Sandpaper

and complete step by step Instructions manual with video tutorial link.

 This Kit is hand packed in high-quality plastic box/container.

My first baby memories Book

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A beautiful baby book to keep your memories safe. When they grow up this book can be cherished again and again reviving the memories for your childhood.



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