Confessions from a 8 Yrs. Old Girl

We can't reveal the name. Kidzig team spoke to a Parent  and here is one of the most unbelievable incident that happened. A bit about Parents Background;

They are Indian Citizens and Investment Bankers. They have one 8 year old daughter who studies in one of the best schools, who has all comforts. Her parents are regular shoppers at Kidzig and when they learnt about that we started with a Blog, they reached out to us as they wanted to tell there story, this is what they shared:

"Our daughter Kia (Name Changed) is truly special to us. Doctor told us that after this we would not be able to have another child. Fortunately, we have Kia as a god gift. 

With Gods grace, we are a well settled family and are able to give all comforts to our little princess. She owns 3 wonderful Pups and a sprawling garden, a swimming pool, a study room, library, Game Room, Chefs who specialize in nutritious food and a lot more. When she was born, we had decided to build our Mansion in a way that would make it easy for her to engage herself in every hobby/acitivty she could think of. She amazingly started developing skills and now at 8, she knows she wants to be a Singer. She has a beautiful voice and we are already making her ready for Audtions for some popular music shows in the country. 

So, until something happened, we were rest assured that we are the best Parents in this world and there is nothing that could stop us from making her achieve her dreams. 

We usually make sure one of us works from home thrice a week and we take her on Holidays often. A Month back, we went on a holiday to Germany. There was a Music Concert we wanted her to see. Next day of the concert, we were sitting and relaxing in our Hotel Room. She came up to us and these were her words:

"Dad. Thank you for everything. But, I feel very lonely. I am bored of things. I need you to play with me, sing with me and get me a little sister. All my school friends are mean. I feel bored, lonely and all alone in this big big big world. Do you know Dory also found some good friends? Please Dad. I don't want to live for long if I don't have someone by my side."

We were not shocked, we expereinced silence, deep silence, pain and a lot of sadness. But, we were both sure what was needed next. After a discussion from a child pschycologist, we took one big step that changed our life forever and made our daughter happy, loving and a beautiful individual. We adopted a Girl Child and Kia takes care of her like her little baby. 

Sometimes, we need to have deep conversations with our children. They may seem to be happy by collecting eveyrthing money can buy. But these innocent souls need some heart to heart talks which are not fun. Take 1 day in a week to have some serious conversation with your children and I assure you as a Parent, you will turn them into best individuals, happy souls you can ever think of!

Cheers to all parents who work hard for there children! Do share this with other Parents and share your views. 

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    Jun 14, 2017

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