Shipping,cancellation & returns

  1. MANAGING '- MY ACCOUNT' Section": Go to Homepage, Login, from ‘My Account’ tab, manage all your person details & settings

Security, Privacy and Accessibility: Make sure, you don’t share your password with anyone. For more information on the data collected by Kidzig Seller Services, you can check our privacy Policies at http://privacypolicies/

2. PLACING AND ORDER: Select the product you like, click on ‘Add to Cart’ or ‘Buy’.

You can place an order through – Cash on Delivery or Online Payment.   

Make sure you write your pin code & verify it before placing the order. In case there is any confusion, reach out to the kidzig team.

3.  SHIPPING & DELIVERY: The orders you place are shipped by Sellers signed with Kidzig. The dispatch date is mentioned on every order. You can request for an early delivery also. Kidzig has tied up with Fedex for quick deliveries of the shipment. If you find any problem in the same, reach our team.

The Seller may take additional time to pack & dispatch the item – this item is indicated by the message ‘Dispatched in XYZ Days’. The total shipping time is the dispatched time and not delivery time.

Delivery Charges:  The Seller mentions delivery charges with the product. Before placing an order, make sure you check the shipping charges.

Delivery Delays- What if I don’t receive the product on the mentioned time?

In case you have not received the package on time, there are the following options:

You accept the shipment & message the seller about delayed delivery

You can reject the shipment & cancel order by selecting a reason. Once your reason is approved by kidzig return department, you will get the refund after the shipment.

For further information on Returns, Replacement, Cancellations & Refunds, check our Return & Refund Policies at:

4.  TRACKING YOUR SHIPMENT: As the seller ships any order, you will get a dispatch confirmation on your email ID & an SMS with \the courier name and tracking number. You can easily track your order by going on the website mentioned by the seller and track the shipment with the Tracking number available. In case you are not able to track, you can send a message to the seller or contact us at:

PAYMENTS & PRICING: Cash/Debit Card- You can use all the cards as applicable by our Payment Partner CC AVENUE

Cash on Delivery- You can make an order and pay when product is delivered to you.

Net Banking- The Banks as mentioned and accepted by our payment partner CC AVENUE

EMI- EMI Option is not yet available, but it will be launched shortly

About Deals, Coupons & Offers- You can view any offer and coupon as per terms and conditions mentioned

Vouchers & Freebies- Kidzig will notify you about vouchers, freebies & other promotions. Make sure you subscribe our Newsletter to stay updated!

5. CANCELLATION, RETURNS & REFUNDS: In case you don’t need the order any time before delivery or after delivered, you need to cancel or Request for exchange/return within 3 days of placing the order or after delivered. The orders after that will not be eligible for any cancellations, no matter what the reason is.

Exchanging a product: For any reason, if you need to exchange the product with the required size, Color or any other reason. You need to cancel the order. Once the request is received by Kidzig team, it will be investigated. If your request is approved, paste the invoice on the packet & pack it properly. Our Logistic partner will pick it up. This will take 7-10 days. Your payment will be refunded within 7-10 Business days after your packet is picked up.

Refunds: Once you request for refund and your shipment is picked up from your address. The refund will be initiated and completed within 7-10 working days. It can be through cheque/DD or online direct in your bank account.


What is Seller Rating? Seller rating is the most important part when you buy any product. This will inform seller about what improvement needs to be done and a positive feedback will help other customers to buy the product without fear. So, don’t forget to rate the Seller you purchase from.

How do I Rate a Seller? As soon as you buy any product, you can visit the seller page and rate the product. NOTE: You can’t rate any product you have not purchased. Any fraudulent policies found while rating a seller, kidzig has a right to take required action against the same.

Is it important to Leave Seller a Feedback? Leaving a feedback on the product you buy from seller will act as a information to the seller about the right and wrong of the product + it will help other customers to know the value of the product in terms of price, Quality etc.

I am Angry & Disappointed, how do I File a Complaint? You can directly message a seller. Our Kidzig team will take care of all the complaints, you can also write to us directly to

How do I contact customer care?

It’s easy! We are happy to help, always!!

Phone: 8860499608/ 8447235851

Email ID: Protection Status